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» Hiatus

// Sorry I know I didn’t officially announce before. But I really don’t feel like coming here any soon if not ever again. I’ll probably be back in a month or two. Maybe will drop some of my threads, idk. I really need some time for myself and I guess coming here just makes it harder.

//I really enjoyed talking to all of you. I’m not deleting any of my blogs for the reason I intend to come back. So.. See ya in a near or far future. Hope you have a nice time.

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The gang is back in Ikebukuro.

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//awwww ahoskwhsejsi
Same goes for you nii-chan!!!! Ilu!

[ I dek. 21 maybe? XD ]

Nope. -3-





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» Guess the Mun’s age. If guessed correct, you earn a Mun photo.

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Yatogami in action