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//Bby. No. If I leave I might not do it right now… But I really don’t feel much like rping lately. Things have been pretty crappy irl.

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Don't go!!

//Thx… But sometimes I just think about leaving the Durarara fandom and sticking to fb… Idek. Though I have been here for a year I feel like I don’t belong here.

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Tag a QUALITY blog, and you’re it! Quality doesn’t mean that you have a lot of followers, or a lot of messages. It means that you’re nice to other people, and you deserve to be happy. If you get this message, someone is telling you that they love you as you are, and they don’t care how much followers you have. Send this to those who deserve it.


//Oh papa! You’re gonna kill me with all this sweetness!!

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» There are a thousand other rp blogs for the canon character I play. So what do you like about MINE?

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» Miscommunication (@furiousbeast)


 “Are you free at the moment?” Kasuka asked emotionlessly. He was aware his tone didn’t give anything away as to whether the call was urgent or not, but truthfully it wasn’t.

“If not, I’m free for the next week or so,” He offered instead knowing his brother tended to work whenever he could both for the money and because if he remembered correctly he was working for a friend of his now. He had long since figured out that he lost his job as a bartender since he had dropped by before to see if he needed anything and was told he was fired. He knew his brother well enough to figure out that he felt ashamed about it and tried to pretend he was still a bartender by wearing the outfit so he simply acted like he didn’t know for Shizuo’s sake.

In the end, it seemed to have worked out though, as if he was working for a friend that meant his boss would be more understanding. Few people were willing to put up with his temperamental brother and he lost his anger easily so it often made him lose his job. He’d put up with the façade until the other felt like telling him the truth so he could ask him how work was more properly.


“There was a new parfait place that opened up recently I heard. We could go there,” He suggested because he knew his brother enjoyed places like that, but typically avoided them unless he had company since he felt embarrassed about it.

"Nah. It’s fine. I’m with Tom at the moment. We’re taking care of some stuff, but I don’t think it will take long."

In all truth he really doubted it would take more than half an hour. But who knows? This job tended to surprise him at times. Those guys didn’t seem to want trouble, so maybe just a little talk and a bit of pressure would make them shut the heck up and pay the money already. “I’ll be dropping off in around an hour or so.

A parfait place? He didn’t go in one of those in forever. Usually he would just pass by a market place and buy some pudding. He didn’t really like going on those girly places without company and since his brother was known for liking sweets too, having his company made things easier. “We could meet there if you prefer.” The less people saw them together, the better. Shizuo had too many enemies and having people looking around at them together could be dangerous. He didn’t want to make Kasuka put up with his shit.

Tom was still trying to talk with those men. They wouldn’t listen to reasoning until Tom pointed out to Shizuo. “You see that guy? He’s Shizuo Heiwajima. If you own me money, that means you own him money. I’m sure you wouldn’t like to have trouble with him, right?” And just like that, Tom managed to make them pay every single yen of their dept. That was easy. The tanned male patted the blonde’s shoulder and smiled. “You’re free for the day. Good job.”

"Well, that was quick. Thanks." He turned to Tom and then went back to his call. "Seems like I’ll come out earlier. Where’s the place? We could meet up now if you want."

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» 'Til We Grow Older [ Shizuo x Tom ]


The heater was out in the apartment again.

Now, first of all, Tanaka Tom thought that heaters in Japan were stupid. They all ran on kerosene, which turned into a poisonous gas once it was burned, but they heated the apartment up to an amazing, comfortable temperature. But because they also filled the apartment with a dangerous chemical, you had to open up the window to let it all out.

Meaning, once you heated up your apartment, you had to let all the heat back out and the damn cold back in. And so the vicious cycle repeated itself.

Personally, Tom was waiting for the day they invented better heaters before he ever invested in a kerosene one, but considering it was 1992, he doubted that would happen anytime soon. In the mean time, he wore extra clothes to bed, stole as many blankets as he could, and woke up early to take the blissfully warm train to school and sit in front of the stove in the classroom.

So, an hour before class was set to begin, Tom was already sitting in a desk as close to the stove as he could. He was reading through his textbook, looking out the window occasionally to watch as students slowly trickled in, and wondering if his desk on the other side of the room would be ice cold or slightly dethawed by the time he went to go sit in it.

On one glance out the window, Tom glimpse a head of bright, blond hair wrapped up in a scarf making it’s way into the school, and he gave a small smile. It always brought him some relief to see Shizuo at school - the kid used to pick a lot of fights, and Tom was worried Shizuo would start dropping out. But he always tried his hardest to keep the guy in class.

Someone without a high school diploma, despite it not being a requirement in Japan, wouldn’t even be able to land a job at a gas station.

It was another damned cold morning. Oh how he hated cold weather. Sometimes Shizuo wondered how would it be to live on a tropical country, soon enough he would remember how much he hated high temperatures. The japanese summer was already enough to drain all the patience he didn’t have. What meant he got 100x worse.

As soon as he got out of home, Shizuo followed Kasuka to his school and then went on his way to his own school. Shizuo was at the second year of high school, so things were going smooth if he could say daily fights could be smooth. Shizuo got in time at school. Since he always had to follow Kasuka to school it left him enough time to get at school a few minutes before class.

Once the blond was inside the school, he took off his coat, shoes and scarf. Wearing the shoes he could use inside the school, he locked his little closet and went to his own class in hopes he would still get a chair close to the heater. However, his hopes were soon broken into small pieces when he noticed the only chairs left were the ones close to the door, which was on the opposite direction from where the heater was located.

"Damn it…" He muttered and placed his books on his chair. As usual, Shinra was the only one to get close and greet him, the blond just did as usual and watched the other babbling about his beautiful fairy for a few minutes before they finally started to have a normal conversation about ordinary subjects. Shinra would have a friend he wanted to introduce Shizuo by the end of class. He said they were friends from the sciences club. He was one year behind them. The blond wasn’t really a popular person, so the brunette probably thought introducing  more people would help him change this situation.

"Ok, as long as it doesn’t make me late to catch Kasuka at school."

He wasn’t a big fan of meeting new people, specially because most of them would get scared of him after they knew him a little better. But since it was one of Shinra’s friends it wouldn’t hurt… Right?

 The name of the person was Izaya Orihara.

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» ~High School RP~


"Do you think I am stupid as you, Shizu-chan~? Catch me if you can~! But I don’t think you can’t do it since protozoans are reaaaally sloooow~


Dodging easily the chair as if he hadn’t done anything else in his whole life, Izaya’s laughs rang out in the corridor as he kept mocking the blonde. Avoiding every single object Shizuo threw at him pratically every day had become a routine, so most of the students weren’t surprise to see the black haired male teen running, chased by a furious Shizuo.

As soon as he reached the roof, Izaya stopped to take a deep breath. Shizuo was still behind him, so he had to find a way to escape if he didn’t want to die that day. Lots of leaflets had been hung on all over the sorrounding railing, something that would really pissed the blond off even more.


His yells echoed through the corridors while the chase kept happening. Once they reached the roof, Shizuo had Izaya finally trapped. There was no place to escape unless he wanted to fall from the roof of school. Shizuo couldn’t help but notice the flyers all over the place. Oh boy, that just made him even angrier. Without even thinking twice and without a warning, the blond went directly to the raven with a closed fist to deliver a powerful punch on him. Direct confrontation was the only way he knew how to fight. Even though he didn’t know any martial arts or fight styles, he could always rely on his monstrous strenght. “YOU’RE DEAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!”

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